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Gala Art

Gala Art opened its doors in the summer of 2011 as a multi-purpose catering

space in Trimiklini, incorporating a café, bakery and foodhall. In collaboration

with Spyridon Kokiantonis interior architect, the visual identity was developed

and implemented across architectural and interior design features.


The brand identity reflects the store concept and orange has been predominantly used to stand-out and differentiate from other local businesses. The name derives from Galata (the origin of the owners) and Artopoiio (the Greek word for Bakery), simplified to be easily read in English and encapsulating the "art of making bread". Two different menus were designed; one for the café and one for the foodhall.

Logo design for Gala Art

Gala Art - Logo

Wall stickers and interior branding for Gala Art

Promotional billboard for Gala Art

Gala Art - Packaging 1 Gala Art - Packaging 2

Log cake packaging for Gala Art

Round cake packaging for Gala Art

Gala Art - Cafe Menu Gala Art - Flyers

Café menu design for Gala Art

Flyer design for Gala Art

Gala Art - Exterior

Exterior signage and stickers for Gala Art